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The Life Recovery Bible
Personal Size NLT Bible for Recovery Category: Alcohol

The Life Recovery Bible is today's #1-selling recovery Bible and is based on the 12-step recovery model. It was created by two of today's leading recovery experts, David Stoop, Ph.D., and Stephen Arterburn, M.Ed., to lead readers to the source of true healing―God himself.

Mrs D is Going Without
A Memoir Category: Alcohol

Mrs. D is an alcoholic, albeit a very nice, respectable, articulate, and groomed alcoholic. This is an honest, upfront, relatable account of one suburban housewife's journey from miserable wine-soaked boozer to self-respecting sober lady

12 Stupid Things
That Mess Up Recovery Category: Alcohol

Allen Berger explores the twelve most commonly confronted beliefs and attitudes that can sabotage recovery. He then provides tools for working through these problems in daily life. This useful guide offers fresh perspectives on how the process of change begins with basic self-awareness and a commitment to working a daily program.

This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol
Find Freedom, Rediscover Happiness & Change Your Life Category: Alcohol

This book, without scare tactics, pain or rules, gives you freedom from alcohol. By addressing causes rather than symptoms it is a permanent solution rather than lifetime struggle. It removes the psychological dependence allowing you to easily drink less (or stop drinking).

Beyond the Influence:
Understanding and Defeating Alcoholism Category: Alcohol

This informative, levelheaded book draws on pioneering scientific work during the past 10 years to make the case for alcoholism as a disease.

A Skeptics Guide to AA Category: Alcohol

A candid, often hilarious guide for anyone who just doesn't get Alcoholics Anonymous.