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Better help
Online Counseling Category: Counseling

I hope this is helpful for someone. BetterHelp is online counseling that anonymously connects you with a licensed therapist. You can text, call, or video chat through their system whenever it's convenient for you. They gave me a free account back in February of 2019 to test out before sharing it with the Nomo community. I've been using it ever since.

If you've ever considered counseling, this is a really good option and it's about half the cost of traditional in-office therapy.

Just so there's no surprises, when you go to the website, they walk you through a quick, multiple choice questionnaire. After that, they match you up with a therapist and show you the price. It's between $40-$70 a week. Honestly, I don't know where you are in your recovery, but if you want to do whatever it takes to stay clean, this is something I'd recommend checking out.

Becoming a BetterHelp member also helps support Nomo by offsetting the out-of-pocket cost I pay to run it. So if you do become a BetterHelp member, it helps keep Nomo free for everyone.

That means I'm compesated financially by BetterHelp any time someone signs up for a paid membership. I'm extremely grateful for that and please only become a member if you feel like it's going to benefit you.

Thanks everyone! I hope this is a useful resource for you! -Parker