Clocks Created!

Say, "No More!" to your addictions!

You can do this! Addiction comes in a wide variety of flavors. Alcohol, drugs, smoking, porn, codependency, anger, shopping... the list goes on. Nomo is a tool that helps you stay on track with any struggle. If you're just looking for something that counts how many days you've been sober, Nomo is perfect for that! If you're looking for something that lets you connect with accountability partners, stay motivated with daily encouragement, reflect with journaling, and a ton more, Nomo is perfect for that too!

Launch it!

All of our games are apps that you install on your Mac & PC. This opens the doors to infinite possibilities! It allows our games to do more than simple presentation slides.

Play it!

Unlike other games out there, ours can be played again and again! Since they’re apps, the games are affected by the user. That means the results are different every time! No more trashing used games!

Play it again!

Our games are completely interactive. That means you control what happens in the game straight from the keyboard! No more basic trivia games for your ministry!

Meet the creators

Parker Stech is the brains behind Games For Youth Ministry. Parker is a 10+ year youth ministry veteran and currently leads a discipleship group of teenage guys.

When he was younger, the thought of church was hard for him to swallow. But when he first went to church, it was fun! There were games and things that made him laugh which allowed him to experience the truth of the Gospel. Using that experience and passion for using his gifts to serve Jesus, he creates all of the fun games and utilities for Games For Youth Ministry. He’s an incredibly skilled coder and graphic designer.

Parker and his wife live in the Birmingham, AL area with their five kids.